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The Power Of Social Media Strikes Brookfield, Wisconsin

The Power Of Social Media Strikes Brookfield, Wisconsin

“The popularity of social media strikes again, right here in Brookfield releasing a 600th video blog for their newly designed WisconsinGarden.com website.”

The popularity of social media strikes again, right here in Brookfield, Wisconsin.   The term ‘going viral’ has struck the home of Richard & Lynn Voigt, 13720 West Keefe Avenue, in Brookfield, just a couple of blocks north-east of Brookfield East High School.

Next week their Brookfield garden will be celebrating another milestone.  They will be producing their 600th video blog for their WisconsinGarden.com website.  According to YouTube analytics, currently their 598 video blogs have now been seen in 132 countries, gaining them a following of 6,235 subscribers and generated 1,189,694 views on YouTube. To put this into perspective, that’s the equivalent of filling Miller Park to capacity 28.4 times.

Originally Lynn wasn’t too keen on being filmed while during her normal garden chores.  But her husband encouraged her to allow him to create a garden video for people who were just starting a garden, and to simply share her unique method of planting tomatoes.  She finally agreed and they produced their first video blog called, “Tomato vs. Toe-Ma-Toe.”  Little did they know then that this would become another unique chapter in their life!

Today, Lynn can only shake her head in awe at the power of social media.  “Fortunately for us, in today’s world, 99.999% has been extremely positive and supportive of our video mission.”  A simple mission that foster’s growing a healthier, self-sufficient, home-grown garden.

“Eating a tomato picked from the garden has little, if any, competition.  Your taste buds immediately sense the difference.  More importantly, you know where it was grown, the organic soil in which it was grown, but ultimately knowing it was grown without using dangerous synthetic chemicals.”

Their little half acre eclectic garden is well-known by their neighbors. On any given day it’s not uncommon for people and passing cars to stop, admire, photograph, and when they not busy working on their many other unique projects, they always make time to give private garden tours.

Richard has often been quoted, “We’re not retired – we’re refocused, and as former teachers, we just can help ourselves but to continue sharing fun ideas with others.

As if their garden project wasn’t demanding enough, they’ve authored and self-published 52 books in the last four years, manage 67 websites, and still find time to teach adult extension classes through UWM-Milwaukee via the Osher program and at Waukesha County Technical College in their Learning in Retirement (LIR) program.  This fall they will be teaching classes on “Gardening in Wisconsin,”  “Story Plot Writing & How to Self-Publish Your Book For Free,” and Richard’s unique drawing technique called, “Doodle Puzzle Designs,” he created for children and adults who’ve forgotten how to relax.  This has become one of their most popular Amazon book titles sold in the US and UK.

During the winter months, Lynn creates hand-drawn designs on her home-grown gourds and creates flying pigs out of paper Mache, while Richard continue working on his computer generated digital quilt that physically spans the length of five and a half football fields.  So far he’s created over 550 38” x 38” canvas sections, each a kaleidoscopic abstraction of a person, place or object.  Needless to say, they are still seeking a place to exhibit his ever expanding digital quilt.

If you too have been watching, you’ll soon see why their presence on social media continues to gain popularity and interest, striking us right here in Brookfield, Wisconsin.


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Richard and Lynn are problem solvers that develop creative strategies that paint dreams, sell ideas, and market messages.  Together, they present a unique team-approach, working side-by-side with each client; utilizing their life-long skills and diverse expertise as inventors, authors, fine artists, and Internet marketing education specialists.

Teaching by example, they focus on proven systems, research and development, trends & technology, domain portfolio acquisitions, video production, self-publishing, and management of over a hundred premium keyword websites on behalf of  RIVO Inc.

They’ve currently created and produced over 600 videos on their (Wisconsin Garden.com) YouTube Channel with a following of nearly 6,200 subscribers from 132 countries who have faithfully viewed their personable garden videos nearly 1,250,000 times.

They have self-published over 50 books on a wide variety of marketing topics (RIVObooks.com), and created thousands of works of fine art, (RIVOart.com) while refining demographic targeted traffic techniques for Internet Marketers.

They now teach several classes at the University of Wisconsin – UWM via the Osher program, as well as, Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC)  Learning In Retirement (LIR) program.  Their class topics include; “How To Self-Publish Your Book For Free,” “Doodle Puzzle Designs,” “Gardening In Wisconsin,” and “Story Plot Writing.”

Their life-long mission is to continually grow, experience, and uncover new strategies, products, and services networking useful solutions for their clients, online & offline entrepreneurs, small business owners, writers, local artists, models, teachers, and students and marketing professionals.

They help everyday people create specific action plans, tasks, and responsibilities that connect the missing pieces of a client’s success puzzle.  The goals they foster create multiple streams of income for today’s volatile economic climate..  Their motto “Do the work once and create a lifetime of passive income streams.”

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Hi, I’m Lynn from Wisconsin Garden dot com and my husband, Richard, who several years ago wanted to film me as I began to plant my May vegetable garden.   While I reluctantly agreed, I said “Who would want to see me gardening.”  I soon found myself on YouTube sending me questions and supportive comments.  Little did I know this would literally turn into a new full-time adventure.

And although Richard has already filmed and produced over 600 videos, we will soon be producing our 600th Wisconsin Garden Video Blog. 

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