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Since nearing our 800th video, we’ve been blessed to receive tens of thousands of viewers’ kind and supportive comments, questions, tips and recipes.

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Here’s just a few of the wonderful comments we’ve recently received from some of our viewers.



Hey there! I was looking for information on Zinnia’s and found your AMAZING blog. Still watching a lot of the older episodes and learned a lot so far. Sadly we don’t have these huge gardens here in the Netherlands…Gosh i can only envy you ha ha. Barbara van Eldijk Bouwens

So glad you decided to do a winter tour. You have a beautiful garden and is great to be able to see the beautiful changes that the seasons have to offer. Camila SunJoy

Ah yes. the January thaw came and went. It was nice while it lasted. Now southern Ontario is into the deep freeze again… Sheila Broad

Been watching your videos for about a year now and I just have to say, I LOVE THEM. Your garden is always gorgeous and there is always something new going on…Keep up the awesome work fine people. Eric Euteneier

Good morning from England. Good to see you. Lara Garcia

Enjoyed your video Lynn and your garden always looks so nice know matter what time of year it is anyway you mention you had a little bit of snow we had some as well not much I would say about an inch or so it did not stay around too long well talk to you later. Jackie Littlefield

What a fabulous place to visit. Thanks for sharing this with us. We too in Jersey grow more than is expected. Although this winter is putting a real stress on some. Can hardly wait for it to be over and spring comes. Take care, Blessings. Wilma Gregory

Hello from Canada! I just stumbled upon your channel, and subscribed immediately. Oh, my goodness, your yard is such an oasis! You both are such an inspiration to me and to all of your viewers, I am sure. Although your beautiful yard is most definitely a lot of work, it is obvious that it is a labor of love. It is such a treat to see all the beautiful blooms and shrubbery, especially at this time of year. We just came through a cold snap here, -55 degrees F so I think I will make a pot of coffee and enjoy another video. I think I have some catching up to do. Keep up the amazing work, and thank you so much for sharing! Sharon Olson

Hello Wisconsin Garden. I absolutely love your videos. Jessica Barron

I love your videos.They are like “The Reading rainbow”..only~rainbow gardens,for adults..Keep The Faith Homestead

Just started watching your videos and have to say that I really enjoy them. You have created a beautiful garden haven all around your property and it is clearly a labor of love for both of you to take care of and create. Very inspiring and it is making me look forward to spring that much more! Hoboker

Enjoyed the video. You two did a great job and congratulations on your 800th video that’s amazing what a great accomplishment every time I read a comment on your videos it just really showed me how much everybody cares that’s Wonder. -Jackie Horsley

Congratulations, great milestone. I have enjoyed your videos so much. With your garden conditions pretty close to what I have here in western Iowa, I’ve learned a lot and look forward to the many videos to come. Elaine Teut

Congratulations on your 800th video. I am now in Madison with my daughter and for the first time, with your help, I made apple sauce. Also I trimmed her apple trees and I have a different way of looking into a garden. I think this is my away of saying “Lynn and Richard”, thank you. Lara Garcia

Thank you for all the pleasure you have brought to my life and to all your subscribers. Chowceo

Just look at you now, worth more than words can say. You are valuable and loved teachers that I hope will carry on for many more years. Love you guys and i learn something every video. Thank you both, blessings. Wilma Gregory

lol You guys are cute together and the garden is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing. Happy fall y’all! Christopher E. Pineda

Your videos are always such a treat to listen to. You make my day. I truly learn so much from you and your gardening adventures. Judy Herrewig

Thanks for the tour of your fall garden.  I enjoy your videos very much. There are so many flowers I can’t grow here in zone8/9 but the bulbs such as cannas, calla lily & elephant ears, etc. I grow and don’t have to lift in the fall which saves a lot of work.  I do miss the flowers I grew up with in PA, similar to what you can grow. Wanda Hellman

Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden and your knowledge. Keep them coming. Oh, I subscribe on the first video, one of your lovely garden tours, I really enjoyed seeing the results of your hard work. Truly spectacular. Chris Littebrant

Lynn, when I watch your garden tours. I get so relaxed, and I find myself smiling so much. The walks around are so calming and beautiful. I try to watch all of your videos after my prayers at bedtime, so then I can go right to sleep. Big hugs!!!!! JoAnn Yelton

I’m new to your videos and I’m hooked. Life-long gardener I’m always stuck with what I knew but you have opened my eyes to new possibilities. Thanks so much, love seeing all the plants that are new to me. Wilma Gregory

I really enjoyed all your videos, especially the harvest videos! I don’t have a big garden but you inspired me & will start growing some vegetables even in containers. Apple Gonzales

Absolutely love all your videos! You guys are so sweet and fun to watch sharing your experiences with learned wisdom! Great harvest. Really like that you have annuals and perennials with your veggies as natural pest control. Beautiful gardens and lovely produce! Nancy Hogan

Oh…my goodness…it is always a joy watching you two sharing your experiences. Lara Garcia

What a beautiful harvest, there is nothing better than home grown. You make it seem so effortless, yet gardening is a lot of work but so well worth it. I look forward to watching the next, and the next video. Thank you, Judy Herrewig

You guys really inspire me , lots of information and gentle and knowledgeable people ,TY for your time I’m starting my second year in our new garden , I’ve used many ur ideas and pray for great success , thank u again. Kelleena Lochhead

I am only 69, don’t eat much and love to laugh – Will you adopt me? Seriously though, I am so grateful and blessed to have found you on my computer. You are such giving and warm people and bring such joy and beauty to everyone who watches your Vlogs. Thank you, thank you, thank you – God Bless You – Barbara White

You guys are so cute. I love the things you do! Aerie Maddox

New subscriber here – the other week I just happened upon your videos – and I am sure glad I did! You two are the cat’s pajamas – and then some LOL! Impressed & inspired by all your energy & positive attitudes! If I was Calvin (as in Calvin & Hobbes) I would put you in a duplicator machine – we could use more like you in the world! God Bless!! P.S. You don’t need to go rooftop to impress me – I was already – please be careful!!!!! 🙂 Annie65H

Dear Lynn and Richard, you two are goldmines…..true goldmines. If people only knew how much money, time, effort and knowledge it takes to do what you do, they would all agree! You both inspire me so much. I lost my husband of 36 years a few weeks ago, and I am deeply grieving. Your relationship reminds me of ours. Partners for life, lovers for life and friends for life! Thank you for all you do. Linda Kordich

I visited Wisconsin Gardens today. Their yard looks like a park! It is absolutely stunning – flowers, shrubs, vegetable gardens, and a “Book Library” for people to stop and read, take home, or donate a book. I even had some of my garden questions answered. Jan Endries

Good morning Lynn and Richard ~ First, let me say ‘thank you!’ for your great response to my initial inquiry. Never did I expect such wonderful customer service (and I’m not really even your customer!). Your obvious commitment and love for what you do is refreshing and appreciated. Doni Beauregard

…I thought my parents were the hardest working retired people I know but the two of you beat them! Thanks for all your videos. Carol Jean Gardens

Great job Logan and what wonderful Grandparents you have to work with you like this. It thrills my heart to see all of you working together . I also have my grandchildren over to do things with me. Grandchildren are the best. keep up the good work. Joan Shute

Sweet and funny video! Kept me grinning and chuckling the entire time. Getting to see Lynn’s personality shine was a real treat. You are both very sweet. I’m a recent subscriber; and i thank you both for all that you do! Zenda Morrison

I am amazed by your gardens. As I sat here with a severe head cold, on the best day we’ve had all season, I watched all 4 parts and you brightened my day…You open your gardens, your knowledge and your hearts to us all the while finding some semblance of sanity in what we call lives – bravo and thank you! Susan Mandeville

Hey! I’ve never commented but I feel compelled to reach out to you guys. Four years ago, we lived in Portland OR and had sustained many many years of victory garden gardening. I managed to feed my family of 6 with much of what I grew (and canned) and was even featured in the local paper. Well my husband was transferred for his job to Green Bay Wisconsin. Up until then, I probably would not have been able to point out Wisconsin on a map, let alone know what it was like to live (and garden) there. So I went to YouTube to find ANYTHING about Wisconsin and gardening in Wisconsin to see if I could keep doing my wonderful hobby in this new place I would call home. Your Vlog was kind of my bible for quite a while. It allowed to me to see a new part of the country and that I could easily garden there. You guys gave me such hope. Well, fast forward four years and I am happy to say that our move here was quite successful. We L-O-V-E Green Bay, we love Wisconsin – we can’t imagine living anywhere else. We managed to purchase our dream property out in the country and are building our new home and new garden space this summer. We just raised our first flock of baby chicks to free range on our property. And after living here, you two embody the spirit of Wisconsin. Kind, generous, no nonsense, enjoy life, living well with neighbors and nature, concise, speaks your mind, taking the best care of what God has given you. Thank you for being my first taste of Wisconsin! Quick question – what do you mulch your vegetable beds with? Years ago I remember you put grass clippings but it looked like straw on them? Thanks again Shannan Deshazer

I always enjoy watching your videos and I also am always more than happy to give you a thumbs up. B. I guess it takes all types, but the ONE thumbs down guy…oh well…never mind. Why give him or her any attention? Randy Watts

You guys are like family. I love your sessions/lessons. Thank you. I am from Long Island, New York….And in my later stage of life, I work in a very fine nursery. You simplify your presentations to make them very easy to follow, and understand. A compliment. If I can add anything to assist….please ask…….Patrick Walsh. 

Thank you for sharing your videos! Absolutely amazing! I am in awe of how you can maintain such a garden of such magnitude! Thank You! Caitlin Haack

I hope your neighbors’ love you guys as much as I love you guys! You’re awesome! ❤ Christopher E. Pineda

Great jobbbbbbbbb love it plz keep making more videos also I think a yellow plant would brighten it up in the planting and a red rose or maybe a peony but loved the video I give you a big big thumbs up keep it up and keep gardening!!! Derick Thomad

The wife would love to have one in our front garden. Yours looks great 👍. Cheers Roger Barossa Valley South Australia. Roger Leslie

I always loved you guys. Now I adore you. ❤❤❤ Ann Daly

That is soooo cute….What a neat idea…wish I were your neighbor…. blessings. JoAnn Yelton

What a lovely project! Wish I were your neighbor. My kids and I would visit the library and your amazing garden often! 🙂 Tathi Mitchell

This is so exciting, I just love watching how happy you are. The smile on your face is worth a million dollars. I wish you the best success and hope many children will use it, and also have happy memories to tell there kids some day. Great Job. Rosemary Wascher

What you are doing is incredible!!!!. Many Blessings!!!! Hilda Candelario

You both are so much fun. I love this video and all the gardening theme ideas are fantastic. Deezie

Lynn and Richard do an amazing job of providing endless gardening information to viewers. Anyone from beginner to expert will find their videos informative, useful, relatable, fun, and charming. They cover all 4 seasons of a zone 5 garden ( .. Lynn and Richard do an amazing job of providing endless gardening information to viewers. Anyone from beginner to expert will find their videos informative, useful, relatable, fun, and charming. They cover all 4 seasons of a zone 5 garden ( but any zone gardener will find these videos useful). They include everything from pruning, planting, harvesting, etc. This list goes on and on. They are very prompt at responding to all comments and questions. They truly love what they do and value all of their viewers. Shannon Moffett

I absolutely LOVE Wisconsin Garden videos. I look forward to them every week and they always make me smile while teaching me something new. Even when I feel like I might give up on my tiny bit of gardening that I do because things are not .. I absolutely LOVE Wisconsin Garden videos. I look forward to them every week and they always make me smile while teaching me something new. Even when I feel like I might give up on my tiny bit of gardening that I do because things are not working out as planned, they give me the boost to keep going and their appreciation of their garden makes me see things differently. Cindy Hayes

Lynn and Richard are amazing. if you haven’t watched any of their videos, you should check out their youtube channel. They have opened up their home and garden in order to share a plethora of information about gardening and even some … Lynn and Richard are amazing. if you haven’t watched any of their videos, you should check out their YouTube channel. They have opened up their home and garden in order to share a plethora of information about gardening and even some recipes and essential oils. They are what you can hope for having as a neighbor as they have opened their yard and their hearts to all of us. Great job, Lynn & Richard! Cheers from Florida  Anne Saroka

Wonderful YouTube channel. Learn so much from Lynn and Richard. Their kind gentle souls are a pleasure to watch and gain knowledge. Rose Mary

They are great gardeners and very helpful with their channel and answering questions. Thanks to Wisconsin Garden. Matthew Padilla

I love seeing what Lynn and Richard are doing in their yard.. They offer very helpful hints and tips from product demos and reviews to tours around their garden. You can find How-to videos too! Follow Lynn into the kitchen where she … I love seeing what Lynn and Richard are doing in their yard.. They offer very helpful hints and tips from product demos and reviews to tours around their garden. You can find How-to videos too! Follow Lynn into the kitchen where she prepares the freshly picked fruits and veggies into tasty dishes and snacks. I have been watching their YouTube videos for years. I like how they always support their hometown and state businesses! With gardening, there always comes some trial and error, Lynn and Richard show us in videos that they too sometimes have to move plants and relocate them when they don’t seem to flourish in a certain spot. It’s comforting how personable they are and make me feel like I am right there with them and that it is ok to get your hands dirty and experiment. Joann Descallar

The couple behind Wisconsin Garden is an absolute inspiration for this beginner gardener. Lynn and Richard are generous in sharing stunning and informative video tours of their garden, updates, tips and lessons they learn along the way, and they are always quick and gracious in answering anybody’s questions. One of my favorite accounts on YouTube. Luca P.

Love, love, love! Mary Fetty

The couple behind Wisconsin Garden is an absolute inspiration for this beginner gardener. Lynn and Richard are generous in sharing stunning and informative video tours of their garden, updates, tips and lessons they learn along the way, and they are always quick and gracious in answering anybody’s questions. One of my favorite accounts on YouTube. Dee O

Love ur positively, wish u prosperity and more bids to come:) live ur channel guys, u never disappointed me. Kaho Fotyfar

What a great find today! For an activity at Lasata Care Center, right down the road from where you were filming. We were searching YouTube with the residents to find something interesting to watch. Seeing that many of the residents are from Cedarburg, they wanted to see something related to their home town. They watched and thoroughly enjoyed your video. We talked about the foam in the river (as they’ve been seeing this on local news) but the best part was the wonderful tour and reminiscing that took place. Thank you for doing this and sharing your video! Margie Spitza

I just came across your channel. You two are the sweetest couple! It’s a joy watching your videos and I’m learning a lot. I just recently started getting into gardening so I’m watching a tin of informative videos and yours was one I learned a lot from. Your such a hard working lady. Keep up the good work with your awesome videos! Yaz Q

I never tire of watching your well thought-out and informative videos. I have never signed off without learning something I didn’t know before. You, two seem such a lovely couple…that’s refreshing, too! Just to mention, I like when the (CC) Close Caption is enabled, especially, when I viewing with others around, this way I don’t disturb the less enthusiastic…LOL! Thanks, again for time well spent! You’re helping me be a better Gardner…Who knew it was possible??? LOL Evelyn Hawkins

Wow! I just stumbled on this video! I LOVE your garden decorations or garden art! I’m so jealous! I wish my husband enjoyed this type of thing as much as I do. Rhonda

Hello Lynne and Rick! So ENJOY your videos and just love your personalities, too! Wish your videos were 5 hours long (each!). God bless you both. Your hard work in producing excellent videos is obvious. Thank you. Another great video update. So much wonderful information. So glad we can watch your videos multiple times and that you number them for easy reference. I love Richard’s final comment after stating he will just sit and watch things grow and saying… “Bring me lunch please!” I think we all noticed Richard shut off camera and chose not to video tape himself getting clunked on the head by Lynn. Just kidding… I see nothing but love and joy on this channel. Thank you both!!! Sylvia Delk

I always like your Garden Tours : Feels like I am walking around the backyard with a friend, chatting about plants. So thank you both for sharing the experience with us ! Happy Gardening + greetings from Germany. Keksdich

Thank you so much for sharing this video. Greetings from Brazil. Pedro da Silva Rodriques

I love your videos and your enthusiasm for gardening. I had to laugh at the number of tomato plants you put in.  I plant 12 tomato plants each year which produce more than my husband and son and I can eat, plus we supply other family members and friends… Ginny Kerlin

OH my goodness! We just bought a house and are thinking of installing a pond…. I know after seeing this I won’t be planting any cat tails. You poor thing. My back was screaming just watching you. I think a pair of waders might help the next time. Betty Weinberg

Oh Lynn I don’t envy that job. We had a pond when we lived in Texas. It was never that prolific…. Lana Bisson

Love all your videos, I’ve been watching since the last several months, but never clicked to subscribe, I just did now. You guys have Amazing Garden! I enjoy it so much, and you guys are so funny at times during making your video and I enjoyed that too. Chinda Brendel

Great  time watching this…and all of your videos! Aredrose4you2000

Love the video. My dehydrator will be arriving in about 4 days..I think this was the most easiest video that I was able to get a grip on making fruit leathers. You have such a sweet energy. Davida Braxton

Hi! I live in the Philippines and I love watching you guys especially when its harvesting time! btw, congratulations on your book! Raissa Gumatay

Ahhhh! Awesome video…Ellen Fisher

Love this video. Marcie Hebenstreit

Loved this vid!!! such sweet hearts, and I finally got to see BB…….Thanks for the video. Sandy Sledge

Hi…Good vid btw – Greetings from Curaçao. Johidi Rog

This is a wonderful video. Thanks for sharing it! Jared Fryz

Thank you for your videos!! I starting enjoying the Encap products thanks to the two of you! Happy Planting from FL Jaime Ade

I like watching your videos. Especially when I need some inspiration to tackle a really big labor intensive project! Frenchy

Great video today I learned things about trimming I did not know. Sugar Foot

Finally have internet back and I can get caught up in all your videos I miss them. Unfortunately we had to move into a apartment and I have no yard or a deck at all to plant very sad so I live my love of planting through you. Laineyslife

I always learn so much from your videos*** great video! Dezzie

Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy your gardening blog. I am in central Illinois and have many of the same things coming up with cold weather expected on Saturday…Thanks for another great video! Cassey Roach

They are REALLY suffering from the heat in Australia, where it’s Summer now. I’m scared of how warm it its; it’s like May. I’m pretty old and I’ve never seen a whole season out of time like this year. I think you did a great mitzvah by planting a tree or two like you did. Best wishes always and God bless you. 2listinging1

I love how you and your husband collaborate on the videos:) So awesome to have such a healthy, mutual interest.  I hope some day to share my love for growing w/ someone like you do.  Thanks for making your videos! Martha Conover

Can’t wait to get out there and get my big long bed ready to plant them, though I guess it will have to be a while since early March in KY is way too early.. Hope mine do as well as yours did.. Spring fever is about to kill me.. You guys are really an inspiration. Jeanne Marshburn

I love all your videos.. I have been a Texas Gardener for the last 20 yrs dealing with a harsher heat climate. Recently I moved to Ky where the climate seems to be a little better for what I love to grow. your very inspiring. Lana Bisson

I LOVE LOVE all the videos that Wisconsin Garden posts. I am learning soooo much from them. I especially appreciate the great camera work meaning I don’t get dizzy with the camera moving around. Great job!! Mamey Brown

Congratulations! I just want to tell you I just recently found you on you tube and look forward to seeing your beautiful garden.I have also learned a lot as I am a retired teacher as well and now I have time to work in my garden. You all are so cute together .Thanks for what you do. Gloria in Santa Fe – Gbunniue1

Congratulations — on your dedication to sharing with everyone, on your great gardens, and on working together so well! I’ve really enjoyed the videos on your mason bees! – HcrisH200

Congratulations that’s a great accomplishment 700 videos, I don’t have idea how to edit a video, but I’m going to ask for suggestion, could you change the intro to your videos making it shorter? , because most of the time I skip it to go to the good stuff hahaha, anyway it’s great. You help me to practice my English writing too. – Monica Laguna

Congratulations! I know how thankful I am for these 700 videos, I look forward to 700 more!! Shannon Moffett

Congratulations on 700! Wow! Your videos are great for the first timer, but also those of us who have been gardening for years! I learn something new almost every time I watch.  Thank you for all of the great work you do for the rest of us – Jean Polkowski

Hi Lynn and Richard, You and Richard are so creative and adventurous, I love the video where you created a Berm out of leaves and grass clippings. I would love to do that. I can only imagine how rich the soil is.  After viewing many, many videos I saw your neighbors house. That’s why you two are so interesting, because you utilize the space you have. And it’s so creative. I. E. the berm. You and Richard are very positive. I absolutely love Richards sense of humor. You both are perfect together. I look forward to the next video. 700, that’s awesome, I’m trying to locate your beginning videos. I don’t want to miss out on anything. We are looking forward in meeting you both, July 8th can’t come fast enough. – Sincerely, Debi Gerhardt

I found your berm video on YouTube the other day, and have been watching your videos constantly!! I so enjoy gardening myself, but am no where near the gardener you are! Thanks for making the world a prettier place, and I’ll do the same in southwestern PA! Warmly, Jennifer Wooley

Hello.  I just watched your video on propagating African violets and using the wick method for self water.  Your video was very interesting and informative.  Thank you as I am just starting out with plants.  I have a limited amount of space in the rest home I am in…I really am glad for your video.  Thank you. Sincerely, Zita Smith

Hi Lynn and Richard:  I just wanted to say thanks for attending the Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Techniques class at Lynden last week, and to let you know that I just checked out your website.  It’s fantastic and WOW, that’s a lot of great content. . . . you two are busy-busy!  I’ve got the site bookmarked and plan to visit it often for tips, techniques and sheer enjoyment.  Thanks again. –Andy

Hi Lynn and Rick, Thanks for all the information on how you keep your flower and garden beds looking so nice.  I would have never guessed you put that many bags of leaves and shredded mulch down every year.  Wow!!!   I thoroughly enjoy the videos you and Rick make together sharing with me and all the other viewers all your flowers and plants.  I enjoy gardening and my wife has no interest at all.   Your video’s make me feel like I have two gardening friends that get the same enjoyment I do.  I just want to say thanks. – Tom Dreas

Just watched your video on transplanting African violets and thank you very much for the great tutorial. I must say in addition to being educational, I also had to chuckle about the soil/dirt exchange with your hubby, mine would not sweep a floor either!! thanks again. – Susan

Hi Lynn, I enjoyed the tutorial on the terrarium!  Thanks for the detailed explanation. I enjoyed browsing through all of the beautiful pictures that your husband made. Thanks again! SLC

Hi there! I just wanted to say thank-you for the treasure trove of information you have so pleasantly provided for the whole world. I hear you talk about the many people that write to you from all over, and wanted you to add Kansas City to your list of fans/friends. I am a beginning gardener and a groundskeeper for a condominium complex in Overland Park, KS. and have learned so much from watching your videos. Keep up the good work. Thank-you for sharing, and may all your blooms be bright and beautiful!  – Stephen Valentine

Hi. I’M here in a little town south of Boston called Middleboro Mass. I’m just relaxing, on vaca and stumbled upon your latest youtube posting on whiteflies. I really enjoyed it. You have a wonderful healthy garden ! Thanks for posting. Have a nice day and a great summer.  Stephen

I just discovered your videos. Great. I planted an apple orchard three years ago. I am a novice. I was hoping you might help me from time to time. – Steele Cooley Jasper Arkansas

I was watching the seed video, and remembered that I wanted to send you a picture of my hoop garden. Tomatoes are going still and the lettuce and collards are happy. And I noticed we have the same dining room set including the chairs. Warm regards; Stephanie Marder

Just wanted to say Thank you love watching your channel congratulations keep them coming. – Sherry Ades

Hi Lynn. My name is Sherika And I am From Alabama. I watched your YouTube video on Colocasia Elephnat Ear plants. I love these flowers and went on a hunt for some today. Lowes did not have any available in my area, but I did see a woman on ebay selling the seeds.  My question is, will the seeds produce the flower without the bulb? I know nothing about flowers, just moved in a home and want to make my yard beautiful with these flowers. Any information you may have would be very helpful.  Thank you so much.  – Sherika Nicole

Hi Lynn. My name is Sherika And I am From Alabama. I watched your YouTube video on Colocasia Elephant Ear plants. I love these flowers and went on a hunt for some today. Lowes did not have any available in my area, but I did see a woman on eBay selling the seeds.  My question is, will the seeds produce the flower without the bulb? I know nothing about flowers, just moved in a home and want to make my yard beautiful with these flowers. Any information you may have would be very helpful.  Thank you so much.  Thanks again. – Shannon Moffett

Hi there Lynn, I just watched a YouTube video that you made (I think it might be 2011). You are the only one with this video, though I have seen one internet posting like it. I was wondering if it turned out? And if it did how long did it take to become grape juice? My favorite grapes are in season now and I will be trying this really easy and no fuss method, but just wondering if you could tell me what its like on the other end of things when its complete. J Thanks for your time. Blessings, – Chesca Cox Prescott Ontario Canada

Dear Lynn, Thank you for your quick respond. I watch all of your garden videos every evening and they are just so cheerful and fun. Love them! I love gardening and when i watch your videos they just make my day. Keep up the amazing job you and hubby are doing. I don’t drive so i would have to arrange a ride to go out by you. I will call you early next week. I have a question I have a beautiful magnolia tree and I would love to propagate it but don’t know how. The tree is 5ft tall i planted it like 10yrs ago and it’s been growing real slow. I purchased some tree fertilizer spikes and hoped it would improve the growth but nothing. That following spring i did get many flowers. I found these tiny narrow cones all on the ground under the tree. I was wondering if these could be the seeds? I will bring them with me when i pick up the raspberry plants. And hopefully you can identify them for me. Like I said I am a garden beginner and have so many questions. I am so happy that you are out there and I found you to help me. Thank’s again. Sanjuanita – Janie is in English for Sanjuanita.

Hi Lynn, I watch your videos and love them. I have had perennial gardens in NC and PA. The garden I currently have I inherited from a Japanese woman who was the previous owner of my new home on Holland mountain in Sussex county in northern NC. She passed away and her garden was neglected for 4-5 years. The amount of phlox i gave away was unreal. Today I watched your video about the Japanese peony and I plan to buy some. I purchased numerous perennials from bluestone perennials in Ohio this spring. I love their packaging in coconut holders you plant in the ground, no fussing with roots. Our county does not have a garden club so i will enjoy watching your garden grow and try your tomato plant formula this May. Thank you. – Rebecca, Lake Stockholm NJ

First timer here!! Hello! What a joy you are! My friend told me to use YouTube to learn things. So I looked up how to winter my elephant ears and there you were! What a blessing you are to me. I planted three elephant ears in pots for the first time this year (Freeport, IL) and they are beautiful! Think I will send a pic for you to see.  I am going to share them with my Garden Center friends at work. Thanks so much, I am watching you instead of tv today on my day off. I work at Menards Freeport in the Garden center and you will play a big part in my education!!! Love ya for that!!! I also went to your hubby’s art gallery….WOW so pretty. So with that being said I would love a free art. Thanks for that too. I picked out DPC2394, Driftwood Bouquet. Warmest wishes to you! Your newest #1 Fan! – Patrice Dilworth

Thanks Lynn, just found you on YouTube. Nice idea about the powdered milk for blossom end rot. I do hydroponic, basic Kratky type but still need to play in the dirt. I have suffered with the end rot, (the tomatoes, not myself) and sprayed on the toms tablet but I thing I like the idea of the milk powder better because with the tums you have to experience the rot before the cure, milk powder amends the soil before the rot has a chance to form…Thanks, have subscribed.. – Nige

Hello Lynn, I have been watching your videos on gardening. I love them! I love watching your garden tours and seeing that you also have plants that come up here and there or sometimes don’t make it through the winter. I live in northern WI so I have a short growing season. I love being outside listening to the birds and working in my gardens. I have been gardening for about 26 years, started with a bucket of hostas from a neighbor, and I was hooked. I live in the city with a double lot, very little grass, every year more of it goes for gardens. My next project is a dry river bed. Keep those great videos coming!!! – Nancy Hinz

Hello again. I was laughing my head off about the football incident. How funny! I just wanted to say I watched so many of your videos last night. I fell asleep enjoying each and everyone of them. I like the one using the 2 liter bottle to make a terrarium. I bought a container from the nursery for half price which was $45.00. It already had two avocados on it. He has lots of fruit trees in the back yard. He also has lots of martin bird houses too. He is a country boy from Louisiana. I’m from Killeen- Fort Hood, Texas originally. Anyway, your videos are awesome. I plan on camping out with my laptop again tonight to watch more. I even focused on the art work from your husband. I will go back and review those again. I am so happy to have found your website and your YouTube channel. Have a great week!  Excuse any errors. I’m actually taking a break from clearing out my closets and dresser drawers of things that I never wear or can’t wear. I have too many unnecessary items that should be given to those that can use them.  Okay, take care. – Natalie

I am from Karachi Pakistan, One day before yesterday i saw your on garden programme on YouTube. Your plants stem is very thick and healthy and leaves were very good. So please advice me how to grow them, Thank you very much. Best Regards, – Muhammad Ashfaq

Lynn – Love watching your YouTube videos so much. Our climate is different here in the Sierras, but many of your food drying video are so wonderful to watch. And your husband makes me laugh he is so cool. – Beth California in the CA Sierra foothills

Lynn & Richard, Your videos have inspired me more than you’ll ever know….I discovered your videos about two years ago. They were so calming watching two people talk and work in their garden. After about a year of watching, I started to feel peace creep back into my life. My yard with all of its lush, and at this point, overgrown, landscaping was no longer viewed as a burden but as a haven to make new memories…But I’m happy once again. It’s your videos. It truly is. You both remind me that there are good people in this world. And a garden is an adventure that I want to have. Thank you for sharing yourselves and your gardening adventures with me. I eagerly await every new video and watch older ones often. If you’ve ever wondered if anyone has been touched by your videos…yes they have. And it is me. I’m the one you were meant to reach. Meeting you both is on my bucket list. Hoping the blessing you’ve given to me is returned to you tenfold. – Heather Peters Findlay, OH

Thank you for your advice.  I bought the same package of Zinnias, and I am very exciting counting the days to  be outside and start working in my garden.  I grew up in Panama city, Panama, So I  still have a lot to learn about perennial plants.  I would love to see your garden and meet both of you. I will see you soon Thanks, Mirna

Dear Lynn, I recently came upon your videos on YouTube….Thank you so much for creating them! Thank you so much! – Megan

Hi, Lynn! Thanks for posting that video about elephant ears. I will now soak mine overnight and plant it tomorrow here in our Tucson yard. The temperatures have been in the 70s. I have a nice cool corner in the shade for them. My mom was born and raised in Superior, WI. She used to tell us California kids all the stories about the snow, the wind and ice covered lakes. To us, it was like she was from a different world! Visiting her parents in the summer, Wisconsin was one of the most beautiful places I’d ever seen. Take care, – Mary Partelow

Lynn and Rick, I love your videos on YouTube!  I always learn something as I am new to outdoor gardening. Keep up the great work and thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. Best regards, – Marion

Dear Lynn & Richard- I just watched the video and I must say that while we are not surprised that you love the Root Assassin we are profoundly grateful for your terrific and thorough video and sincere comments. Keep in touch. Once again, thanks.- Josh Kalter

Dear Lynn. I have been watching a lot of your videos and fortunately, learned a great deal.  Thanks to you and Richard for allowing us to come into your sensational garden. Please forgive me if any writing mistakes occur, I am fFrench Canadien but my grand father was born in the U.S.A.  He came to Canada with his father but his siblings lived in Jericho Vermont, and Massachusett. Best regards, – Lucie Deslieres

I watched video number ninety yesterday when you had some large trees cut down . WHAT a big transformation your lot has gone through YOU must be very proud LOOKS GREAT – Dot Thomas

Thanks for sharing. I love the way your husband and you share the information. I can tell your husband really cares about you and wishes to make this educational video perfect and informative. He keeps asking questions, adding some information and even made conclusion in the right time, that really can consolidate and impress our knowledge of growing nice tomato with your secret method. I like the way you and your husband talks which is so natural, relaxing, enjoyable, and the most important is CARING and INTERACTING. (Sorry to have some comment almost a year ago saying that is irritating. I totally disagree that type of comment and this type of comment is definitely irritating)Beautiful couple Lynn and Richard, thank you so much for your sharing and effort again. – RoseGreenTea

I had so much fun watching, my mom use to put up Jam just like you.    You two really make me smile hearing the two of you joke around. – Mark Sears

I was waiting for this video. I am living vicariously through your videos lol. It is so hot here in California that I don’t feel like going outside at all. The most I do is water my plants. By the time I come inside I am all sweaty, gross and need a shower. Currently I hand water everything. I am thinking of investing in watering system so I am not uncomfortable on the hot California summer days. As always your garden is amazing and beautiful. Everything is looking wonderful. My daughter had a question about your credits. She wants to know why you have a picture of Lynn when she was a child. I figured I would ask the question for her since she always watches “my gardening videos”, as she calls them, with me. – JulV Wildcat

So informative. Thank you Lynn and Richard for sharing your garden experiences. I always get so much from your videos. – Ravenhairone

Thank you for sharing your beautifull garden with us. I always look forward to your videos and after watching them i run into my own garden to do some more work or just enjoy it, its looking beautifull this year.lady from Quebec. – Johanne Black

THANK YOU Lynn and Rich….just arrived today (7-05)…..Will always cherish your generous gift…..Happy 4th of July, hope you and Skye had a wonderful holiday… guys are the best! – Tim

I don’t have a garden but watching you guys is quite enough! LOL. Have a great holiday weekend. – Chris B

Who needs Soap Operas for a bit of drama…when we can catch an episode of your life in the garden….- Phil Yorko

Lynn now I know how you keep that girlish figure of yours…lol…you are a work horse girl…what an amazing job and I absolutely love they way you planted them…you are truly an artist its going to be beautiful…it will bloom this year right? I mean since you dug then up and put them through so much it won’t stop them from blooming huh? Anyway, I hope I get to see the spectacular beauty it will be when it does bloom along with the hostas’s ….thanks girly girl…and thanks to your husband’t leave him out!!! – Laura Tannehill

Y’all are so cute! I enjoyed watching your channel, makes me giggles each time y’all joke with each other.. – Nang P

Many thanks for the great education on irises. I especially appreciated hearing about the bleach bath. Your new iris/hosta bed will be lovely. I couldn’t help but wonder what color your irises are? – Joy Clarke

Hi. I grew EE for the first time this year and they came out great ! Can’t thank you enough for this vid and feedback. I would love to share photos of them with you, if you’d like. – thanks again for your help. ~ blessings !- Diana Di

Oh good, part TWO !!  Tonight when I’m settled in my recliner I will watch it.  My elephant ears have lots of leaves but SMALL !! in the past they have been HUGE. Keep the video’s coming, love you TWO. – Mark Sears

Love your garden. It is amazing. Congratulations. I am very inspired by your videos. Mariachi Chic

Hi Lynn & Richard. It’s Bob from philosophy class. Great garden tour. Thanks! Here’s a favorite poem of mine from Louis Aragon’s Paris Peasant (paraphrased). Your viewers might like too: “Those who have spent their lives traveling, Those who have encountered a multitude of climates, Those whose beards have been singed by the South, Whose hair has frozen stiff in the North, Whose skin is compounded of all suns and winds, The servants of smoke, The sons of tornado, Their footsteps forecasting earthquakes, When at the end of their journeys they return, A parrot perched on their shoulder, Still cling to one desire: To have a garden.” – Bob Jebavy

Hi, My wife T and I just finished watching the 3rd installment for July 2016, the tour was unbelievable, you both have put so much time and thought into every inch of your garden. T, says God points and you dream of new looks for each area. And there are more invasive plants , that still have to be removed, the work continues. You inspire everyone who watches, it takes work sweat and time, but, look what you get when you finish. Thanks for sharing, we’ll be watching and enjoying. Blessings!!! – Fred Woods

The sheer size of your property is staggering, it’s huge, we are always taken back, by the amount of effort, and work it must take just to maintain, the whole space my wife T says God gave you both green thumbs and joyous hearts, that never give up. We loved the tour, we know there is lots more work to be done , but, what a joy to see the fruits of your labor. Thanks for sharing, waiting for #3, be well. Blessings!!! – Fred Woods

I love your ‘dandelion’ hair style! And I so appreciate your very instructive tips about gardening. Have learned so much. Thank you. –ScreeminMeeme

I so admire your dedication and “stick-to-a-tiveness.”  Can’t wait to see it at bloom time!!! – Rose Duke

I really enjoyed looking around your garden at all your specials accents. I also love how you and your husband work and play together in it*** I am a new subscriber and have enjoyed all your videos – Deezie

You 2 are the hardest working retired people I know. All your hard work sure shows, it looks great! Everything looks spectacular! Your garlic is fantastic, can’t wait to see the heads when you harvest. – Snookie65

Oh WOW, I would happily dine under your raspberry bushes. That is a jungle that us Aussies would love in our garden. I mean, growing raspberry is finicky here. You have to baby it and if it drops dead on you, too bad. Try again LOL. – Wildcook (Mary)

I wish I could forget the Forget Me Not- we bought one plant 2 years ago and it took over a 12x4ft flower bed filled with Lava Rock and in the shade- not easy growing conditions. I loved them in the spring, but had to rip them out after they turned brown- I just couldn’t handle the look of them. Good news is they came out super easy. Now I need to find some new plants to put in the shade garden for next year- your garden tours give me so many ideas- thanks! – JByrd

We just finished watching your July Garden Tour 707, the garden is just great, My wife T, says it gets better every year. You both put in so much time and love, to everything you do, we’ll waiting for 2 and 3 of your tour. Thank you for sharing, hope your 4th was enjoyable, get some rest more work to come. Blessings!!! – Fred Woods

I like the idea of having two kneeling pads so you can stay on one and move the next one ahead! Much easier than getting up to moving the pad! Wish I lived closer to you! I’d be right there getting some raspberry bushes! I don’t think it would be worth the drive from Philadelphia PA. It’s so nice you two have a hobby (full time job!!) that you both enjoy. – Susan Mandeville

I can’t imagine how sore you two must be. My back hurts just watching!! It will look wonderful when you get it planted up. I can’t wait to see. – Amy G’Schwind

You guys are awesome! I really enjoy watching your gardening adventures. Thanks for sharing. – Travis Ward

How dare you work in the garden and not record it, lol! Lynn- you have such a cute, light colored outfit on- how do you keep it so clean working in the garden!?! – JByrd

I just love you guys…what a great job you do to educate people….and hahaha….I think I was that viewer but all is forgiven…lol…can’t wait to see what you do with the space!! – Laura Tannehill

Stumbled upon your channel and so glad I did! I love gardening but not sure if am any good … but I love it, so who cares. I love to move and experiment and add and give away plants from my garden. I can’t wait to continue through your videos! Great idea on the umbrella! – Heather Jewell

“Richard, let’s get on with this!” I laughed so hard! Loved it! – Heather P

“Should i time you?”….Lynn (dirty look!).. HAHAHAHHAHAAAHHAAAA..Richard…that lady deserves a dinner out tonight! – Tim

Hi, Lynn My wife says God has blessed your relentless little heart, you going after those raspberry and thistle bushes, we didn’t know there was a path until you cleared some of the bushes. Thanks for sharing, get some rest you deserve it. Blessings!!! – Fred Woods

My husband wanted me to ask you what kind of Cannon Power Shot Series camera was it?  There are lots of them but we couldn’t figure out which one you had.  What model number was it?  Also, can you see what you’re video taping when in the sunlight?  You can’t with ours and it makes it hard to tell what your recording.  Looking for another camera so this info would help.  Congrats on your videos.  It’s so nice you get to do it together. – Fay Favored1

Thank you for sharing…I live in Illinois, and most of my garden friends ( southern area) have earlier gardens..So happy to find you..Thanks !! – Larieta Fort

Just love watching your videos..thank you so much for posting – TheC67

Thank you for doing these videos. I just started trying to grow new things this year, including herbs & tomatoes, and your videos have been so helpful. I love your channel & hope to see many more – Ashleigh Richmond

I Live in Milwaukee. Your garden is beautiful. The peonies are so full of bloom. I have three peonies bushes that hardly bloom this year. When there is not much bloom do you think I should divide them. I read that they never need divided, I know most plants need divided when they don’t have much bloom. They all are ten or fifteen years old. – Norma Jones

Rich, I would love to see a graphic how to video, only out of curiosity . Thank you both for all your videos, I think I have followed you from day one – ApirlRain

Hello my name is Lucia and I was just admiring your garden looks so beautiful… – Lucia Shiosee

I love how you “talk to some of your plants telling them they are doing a good job”.i am going to look up “Montauk Daisy don’t know if my spelling is correct but it’s’ the daisy Richard loves and blooms in the fall. Great tour , thanks for sharing Lynne from Ottawa. – Lynne & Doug Briscoe

Oh, I just love your garden  The peonies and bearded irises are stunning.  I also love all your other flowers and plants. You two did a fab job with your garden. – Wildchook (Mary)

The garden looks so beautiful as always . There will be peach harvest this year I guess ? Been re-watching your old peach harvest vid many, many, times 🙂 – Anna C

It was such a pleasure to watch this and part one I can’t wait for the next one, you just got a new subscriber 😀 – Jaz Anddanslife

I love watching your channel and always learn something plus it’s a joy to look at all the pretty flowers. Thank you. – Gbunnie1

Such a great garden I’m trying to imagine the smell in your property during the time of flower blossoms it must be lovely and relaxing. Im looking forward to see your bale gardening. are you planning to do that this year? – Robbie jay Copon

I am always waiting to see your videos every two weeks I love it, I wish meet you in person, God bless. – Hellin Ronquillo

One day, I wish my garden is as beautiful as yours… – Nang P

Such a spectacular garden thank you for sharing. – Chowceo

Gosh.. I want to be like you when I grow up! – Garden On Deck

A BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL yard!!!!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to give us a tour!!!! Just amazing!!!! – Katie Mraz

Lovely garden tour, thank you for sharing. – Debbie Pietrzykowski

My wife and I don’t have a garden, or outdoor space for planting, but, because of the time and patience, you take in planting and explaining you make us feel like we could really do this, if given a chance..Thank You for sharing your home garden and lives with all of us. God Bless you both. – Fred Woods

Everything looks fantastic! You never cease to amaze me. – Snookie65

Love your videos!!!! Can’t wait for the next tour to see all the changes/ progress on your plants.- JamCanGurl

That Richard sure is a wisenheimer. – Bryan Ziefle

Love your videos! You two are too funny! – Little Bean’s Garden

I watch you on my smart TV and there is no like button, so I’m logging on to you on my computer.  I like every one of your video’s and watching you and hearing your husband is so relaxing after a stressful day  🙂 – Mark Sears

Watch you on my smart TV and there is no like button, so I’m logging on to you on my computer.  I like every one of your video’s and watching you and hearing your husband is so relaxing after a stressful day  🙂 – I love all the added touches to the garden! They add so much character! Thanks for sharing!! – Hi Guys!!! I’m trying to catch up on all your videos for the past month!! So my husband and I are doing a Wisconsin Garden marathon! WE LOVE your videos!! Thanks so much! – As always, I LOVE your video…I could stroll in your gardens all day…got lots of giggles from the Beatles joke, the chair and the suntan lotion for the hostas….You two are such a joy to watch. Thanks so much!! – Mamey Brown

Love watching all of your videos.  Thank you so much for all the time you both share with all of us.  Your willingness to teach and share is just awesome!  Oh and yes I call it soil also. – Aredrose4you2000

Beautiful doesn’t cover the loveliness of your perennials. What kind of mulch do you use? I have to buy my mulch as we have no pickup truck to transport loads of mulch. When it gets rainy so many mulches mold. Thank you for your posts. Just joined and eating all of this up. – Droycraft

Very pretty yard you folks have there…….Tracey from Missouri – Tracy Cooper

Great video Lynn you got some pretty plants this year I have some elephant ears that I planted this year there just starting to come up this well be my first year planting them. – What a bountiful place to see it looks s peaceful there with all of the gardens that could be a place I could go back to year after year. – Wow I can’t believe all of the plants I seen there is so many of them I don’t think I would be able to contain myself there so pretty – Jackie Horsley

I love seeing your garden ideas. Those tree peonies are fantastic. Is that an early peony because mine are not blooming yet. But I’m in Minneapolis and we are zone 4. – Sandy Wendt

How do you guys not have millions of views??!! I’ve been following you for a few years now and your videos are more thorough and informative than any others!! I’ve literally learned everything about gardening from you. THANK YOU! – Cris Anderson

It’s so beautiful.  Ya’ll have done a great job! – Elliemae4525

That Japanese fern peony is spectacular, gotta get one! Wow, you guys responded before I finished watching the tour, part – Hope Crews

I love what you are doing in your garden You inspire me to get things done. Thank you. – Karan Myers

So much wisdom to share- As a beginner gardener, I would love to spend the day with you two! Any advice on how to get started? Good book to read, etc? – JByrd

I really like seeing your videos. I am Alisha from Lancster,TX and I Love gardening. keep up the good work. – Alisha Simmons

Thanks for the motivation. – Gary Shawley

The arch turned out great! Made me think of the Golden Gate Bridge. And I thought the hole in that chair was for a potty too. Lol. –My favorite thing about your videos is that you stress that it’s ok to be imperfect:) – Heather Peters

Just beautiful, what an amazing tour 🙂 thank u –U guys r so funny, just let be to see ur CDs over and over again 🙂 have a beautiful fruitful season. – Amazing feeling of excitement knowing spring is just around the corner, ur vid is amazing as well helping us to be in the mood:) thanks guys!- Kaho Fotyfar

That looks so nice. Thanks for the video. I will file it in a corner of my how to mind.- Sue Miller

I’d like to give you more than one thumb up! I love your garden accents! The red archway , the Tree Peonies, and just everything! I can’t wait to see what next you’ll paint! One thing I love is a moss garden. I heard that if you put buttermilk in a blender with moss , the use a brush spread the moss around. Not sure I want to put moss in my expensive Vita Mix though! – Nina Nina

Love your videos! – MY Pichka

What a great blessings have a great day happy growing. you both are such a great special people may GOD give you health to keep growing and sharing. – Maria Amaya

I’ve been away from yt for a few months.  Your later videos are on my list to watch.  Thanks! – Across The Pond

Thank You and Rich for the fun vids this last year….So glad to pass on what i know about gardening…remember my “roots” are there in farm country (Wisconsin)…Happy that i could help in some small way…and hope we hear some Christmas songs sung by Skye maybe this holiday season…Dad could surely record a vid for us to see and hear…have a list for him if he is interested in performing for us! – SuperWoodyBoy

I really enjoyed your video I called dirt and soil by either name intermittently – Angela Schans

Wonderful video, thank you! When I spread leaves over my garden patch the 15mph winds blow them back onto the grass ! Don’t you have that problem ? – Rosemary McGrenera

Thank you for your response! I will be adding leaves to my garden beds this year! 🙂 Please don’t take this the wrong way but both of you are like grandparents to me even though you’re really too young. I’m 22 and have not had a relationship with my grandparents since they all live in Ukraine so every time I watch your videos I think how cool it would be to have grandparents like you. Love you and your videos. Keep up the great work! – Flourish Ever After

Good videos I think you all make veg gardeners look at growing some plants for beauty and weed control and soil conditioning. it did me. – e Buzz

…Your videos are amazing – they are the BEST!! – Nancy Ewell

OMG…That looks so delicious!  If I give you my address, could you send me a jar 🙂 LOL.  I guess I am just going to have to try to make it myself.  Lynn, You are really good at giving directions! – Hancock Homestead & Gardens

Really nice garden. – curlycurly004u

Beautiful Garden!… – 15sugarfoot

You’ve inspired me. I don’t have any bushes with dieback so, I’m off to the discount isles to find a Charley Brown tree who needs a friend. – Nananel

I went out and deadheaded my peonies today.  Thanks for the information. They look much better.  Thanks again. – Judy Homesteader

This was very enjoyable!!  you two are characters.  I liked the matching yellow sweatshirts in the beginning too – Rachaelkoger

Cute video you two!  i am currently plagued with poison ivy and not sure what to do.  Thanks for making my day a little brighter! – Campingfool59

I enjoy your videos.  Since I’m getting more into perennial flowers now you teach me a lot.  I’m glad this vid was less that a half hour long.  When they are too long I find it hard to set aside the time to watch so I miss some of them, darn it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. – Sandra Cerino

Thank you for sharing this information.  My 19 year old has just started to garden, she’s planted strawberries, herbs, and lemons.  She wants to do more and I hope the animals don’t spoil it for her if they start eating on it.  You don’t get many 19 years already wanting to have a garden.  We will use your wise advise.  When is the best time to add the netting?  She’s just now starting to see some strawberries grow. – Regina Woods

I agree you can’t get enough plants. Enjoyed your new addition to your plant collection. – Krishna Islam

… Keep up those very entertaining &info. Vids. And Merry Christmas -Happy New year-Go Pack .- Richard Bushy

Beautiful gardens, even at the end;-) I am building my yard very similar to yours on the other side of Lake Michigan in zone 5-b, but I have a problem…BINDWEED, been pulling it for years, used a orange oil – vinegar spray, sheet mulched this spring with thick cardboard, new raised beds and 4″ of wood chips…STILL BINDWEED…Help me please;-) – Scott Voigt

Super video – I wish our whole world would try to learn more about each other and become more accepting of each others – likenesses as well as differences. I had thought you both were teachers – as was I – for 42 years in the same public school as a speech/language pathologist. Thanks so much for sharing what you learned – the other Lynn! – Pprrhh102

You guys are really brave OMG and also you to young guys look very healthy. – RandomPerson1024

Enjoyed your shares as always.  We have had wonderful tomato crop in N. AL.  But like you we sometimes have too much rain, etc.  A very different weather year for sure.  Wonder what to expect this winter. – Julie Guillaume

Enjoyed your video on planting the bulbs from the cartons.  So, how did they turn out in the spring?  Is there a site I can go to, to see them?  Thanks, Susan from Alabama. – Bobbie Curry

Hi love watching your garden updates and the sunflowers are great, always nice when you haven’t planted the seeds yourself will keep watching thank you – Susan Fryer

Thank you so much for the information! Your videos and replies are very informative. Helps mea lot. I am excited to see what all I can transplant and grow next year. Each year I add more. It has been my pleasure finding your videos on here. Take care and keep posting. 🙂 – Teri Haynes

Since I don’t have a garden anymore, I just love watching you play in yours!! – Susan Mandeville

That was cool. – Kyle Coughlin

Lynn I loved this video can you please make one with every tree, plant , shrub , flower,  How nice is Rick Ii wish i had a husband/wife to buy me plants LOL  – Damain Delrey

Once again Rick is the talented, multi-tasking cameraman…filming and doing stump removal at the same time.  Is he available for hire? – Sarah Miller

Well I think your awesome and hope you keep at it. God knows you arent doing anything wrong playing in the dirt 🙂 grow the best, feel great! Cheers! – Dustin Oneill

One of our Wisconsin Garden viewers, Mamie Brown left a question this morning. “I LOVE your videos. This is not a gardening question, and I hope I’m not overstepping by asking, but can Lynn share some diet tips how she stays so fit and trim….”

I’d like to answer your complimentary question about my amazing wife.

First, I tease Lynn all of the time.  Partly because I love her dearly, keeping her off guard, guessing, and on her toes encouraging her beautiful spirit and smile to laugh constantly.

Secondly, I chase her around the house and every place we go together all of the time without mercy.  P.S. She loves it and sometimes she actually lets me catch her.  And as some men admit, it’s the woman who really controls every aspect of a life of love and lifelong friendship.  I believe every woman needs to be treated like a queen with constant love and respect they truly deserve.

Thirdly, we encourage each other to work out, in the garden as opposed to a gym, bending, squatting, lifting, dragging and moving tons of mulch, top soil and compost side-by-side.  And as she has written about in her first two of 3 memoirs, from dawn to dusk she has raised 3 children and a husband (title of her 3rd Memoir) while teaching K-3 full-time, preparing meals and unconditionally taking care of all of us, all of the time.  She rarely ever had time to be ill or feel un-needed.

She is very disciplined, most of the time, eating proportionate meals in spite of me teasing her that she eats like a bird.  After nearly 48 years of marriage she looks amazingly beautiful and I make sure to let her know how I feel about her beauty every day.  More importantly, she truly has the soul of an angel and is one of the most selfless and giving person I have ever met.  I’m proud she allows me to be her soul-mate. To think that just 4 years ago she reluctantly didn’t want me to film her planting her first tomato plant in the garden. Her reply “Who would want to see me planting a tomato?”

Seeing how effective she was as a classroom teacher, I knew she would touch the heart of those who see her as being a real person talking from the heart, no script, no ulterior agenda, as someone always willing to share what she does even while dirty and sweaty.  People now recognize her when we go out together.  During the filming of this video, a couple stopped by the Ozaukee MG booth and got all excited to see her.  Their initial comment was cute, “You look much taller than you do on YouTube.”  They expressed how much they enjoyed her videos and wanted her autograph.  Ah the life of living with a “Super Star.”  How fortunate I am to play in her world.

I guess it’s not really not so much about dieting compared to living a fairly normal but active lifestyle, having a loving family, friends, teaching, and of course lots of loving teasing.  Perhaps DNA plays a role but being able to love the body you’re in has little to do about being skinny.  I have yet to meet a woman who isn’t beautiful.  God doesn’t make mistakes.  The physical body is just a temporary shell we inhabit and who’s to say which shell is more perfect to aspire or model?

The happiest people I know enjoy who and what they are.  You have to understand I live with the sassiest woman on Earth, and each time I tease her, she teases me back tenfold.  We love being together and support whatever the other wants out of life.  We willingly chose to be inseparable. P.S. Lynn loves Sanders dark chocolate sea salt caramels but only eats one while watching a movie after a hard day’s work in the garden.  How cool is that.

Now Lynn’s simple answer to your question would have probably been very modest and brief, “I don’t diet, and I just eat proportionately and work out in the garden every day.”  While that may be on point, there’s so much more to this amazing woman.  Perhaps you can see why I love her dearly.  She is amazing to watch, observe and to serve.  I do my best to keep her happy and sassy.

Forgive my brief dissertation on Loving my wife and best friend.  Hope that gives you a clearer glimpse into the amazing life of living with Lynn – Richard


When I grow up I want to be just like you a gardener with a beautiful yard full of plants.  Joelyssa M.

I’ve been out of town on a research trip, so I haven’t had the opportunity to say…Congratulations on 600+ Wisconsin Garden Videos.  One day during a cold, snowy December Ohio winter, I was searching the best ways to propagate an African violet.  Sure enough I came across Wisconsin Garden.  From then on you had Sarah and I hooked!  We love your “old school” knowledge passed down from your family, and your ever growing techniques from your research…its a great blend.  Your humor along the way, your positive approach always brings a smile to my face.  There have been times when I’m in the worst moods, and you and Rick to a great job of pulling me out of the doldrums.  Many thanks for all you do and share.  You have made a difference.  You have been able to combine two loves of gardening and teaching and brought it to the world.  What an awesome thing!  God bless!…Scott M

I thoroughly enjoy this video Richard & Lynn and CONGRATS on your 600th videos!! Your videos are captivating, inspiring, educational, motivating, and just sweet and lovely. There are days that I am not feeling well, I click on your videos and I get motivated to get in my garden. And, before you know it, I am outside in my garden getting the healing I need and get well. I look forward to watching more of your videos in the future. Love you guys!! 🙂 W. C.

Congratulations also from Germany. I enjoy every minute with you in your great videos. R. Akelei

California is having a severe drought right now, I have water restrictions in place where I live in the Bay Area….My grass has all died out. I just have my Agave, Aloes, cacti and succulents….but they add a lot of color as well……in fact Californians are having their lawns ripped out and replaced with drought tolerant landscapes….I envy your lush gardens!! J. Descallar

Cute video you two! i am currently plagued with poison ivy and not sure what to do. Thanks for making my day a little brighter! C. F.

Thanks for the tips as I live in the north east Scotland near the sea we have different climate but weeds travel just the same so i will try your organic weed killer tomorrow. J.S. Johnston

Great stuff! I’ve been taking a lot of video around my garden pond but have been too lazy to upload it. You’ve motivated me to share! J.B. Great ideas! I look forward to seeing how the two techniques compare. TX in UK

Your garden is so beautiful! I am so glad I found you. I had my first garden last year and have a lot to learn. Best discovery ever :). D. Caldwell

Beautiful garden ! I love watching your garden tour videos. Hope we could visit Wisconsin one day to see it in person. Anna C.

Beautiful garden! I love watching your garden tour videos. Hope we could visit Wisconsin one day to see it in person. S. Cerino Thank you so much. We are new homeowners in Madison by Lake Mendota. Eager to garden both flower and edibles. I stopped watching to go pull some Garlic Mustard in its second year. Naively thinking what a pretty flower it was. M. Helen

Such a beautiful garden. It’s such an extension of you and Richard. Quite reflective of your wonderful personalities! How do you keep up with it? H. Peters

In Nashville, Tennessee strawberries are in season now (almost over here). Other berries, peaches and tomatoes coming in the next few weeks – yeah!! I plan to venture out some this year (my second one canning) and try tomatoes in different ways other than just canning plain and dehydrating them. Your gardening videos are getting me all excited. Keep them coming! D. Cans

So much to look at! Thanks for posting. U. G.

Beautiful garden! I would spend my entire day there. I’ll have to look for a few peony trees now. I’m inspired. Frugal C.

I’m going to have to try some plants I’ve never done before, like the Kale and eggplant and others. My daughter got me started on Okra late year for the first time. I love you both. Nina N.

I just love watching you garden. I have goldfish and watching them swim is so much fun! C. Bennett

A beautiful place to visit. If I’m every in Wisconsin I’d love to. What happens to the fountains during your winters? I’m sure they are drained until spring comes again. C. Dixon

You’re so dear and fun to watch because you seem so benevolent with your little seeds. Very inspiring! Thank you. Love the diatomaceous earth usage too! H. S.

You’re so dear and fun to watch because you seem so benevolent with your little seeds. Very inspiring! Thank you. Love the diatomaceous earth usage too! J. Lee

Very interesting stuff! The hubby and I will be looking into it. Thanks for all the helpful videos. M. Eutsler

What a beautiful way to honor your teachers memory. I know she very proud of you as a teacher and the amazing woman you are. This video warmed my heart. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Always a joy to see you both. Dee & Kevin

You guys have the most fun trimming those branches;) Evelyn C.

What a nice way to honor your teacher! That was a nice bag you were using for collecting the weeds and debris as you worked. H. Chris

WOW how great is that!….and what a beautiful home! S. Woody

Oh thank you!! That makes sense!!!! I am going “replant” them then. My woodland area is leave mulch, it’s way different then my front yard slopes… I still also learning about how the sun behaves…. areas I think its full sun is actually part shade back of the HOUSE shadow!! A. R.

Thank you so much! I will try this. 🙂 E. Kurtak

Hi, Lynn and Richard! I live in Southern New Hampshire and my rhubarb is sending out flowers. I bought the roots from Home Depot last year just for fun and was surprised to see it flowering this year. Actually, even though I have some knowledge of plants, I didn’t know mine was going to seed until you mentioned yours in your videos. I have seen many places to cut it off for a good stalk harvest, but since I am not too serious about a good harvest, I will let it flower out of curiosity. Thanks for all of your videos! P. J. M.

Hi Lynn and Richard. We are here in Calgary Alberta Canada. Our Rhubarb just started growing but already has started to produce seed heads… I have a funny feeling it has to do with the growing season. Last year our fruiting trees, just like yours, did not produce flowers. Funny how we could live so far away but the plants are still growing the same! Everything looks so beautiful in your garden! Thank you for all your videos. M. Barciak

Thank you for sharing this information. My 19 year old has just started to garden. She’s planted strawberries, herbs, and lemons. She wants to do more and I hope the animals don’t spoil it for her if they start eating on it. You don’t get many 19 years already wanting to have a garden. We will use your wise advice… R. Woods

Love your videos love both of you also. E. Sullivan

Lovely video and your garden looks beautiful! I have just subscribed to your channel and Liked your video… W. S.

I love to watch your garden shows and as our winter is now approaching it is especially nice to see your garden starting to bloom… M. Acton

I always enjoy tours of your garden. Glad I am subscribed to your channel…I know you write books as well, so perhaps a recommendation on one of those as well. Thank you, for your time and talent. T. Eitzen

It is always a pleasure to be part of your WI garden family, very grateful for all your wonderful videos. May God bless your time and your efforts! K. Fotyfar

I just love Spring! Your yard looks fantastic. My Japanese Peonies are coming up, nowhere as big and full as yours. I only planted them last year and they were tiny plants. I have fingers crossed that they bloom. Love them! I think of you both every time I look at them. S. K.

Yalls garden rivals- the gardens of Europe, just perfect. S. B.

Hi Lynn. Your yard looks gorgeous! Happy Gardening. L. G.

Great tips…will be giving it a try this season. Thank you E. H.

This has been very helpful. I just bought two bulbs today because I really love the elephant ears. Had some years ago but did not realize I needed to lift up in winter…Thanks to you, I know no how. I expect I will have many babies for years to come! E. Hawkins Your gardens are beautiful so far! S. C.

Your gardens are beautiful.. Thanks for the tour. J. H.

Woohoo another episode 😉 u made my day 😉 A. R.

I just subscribed to your blog….I’m so enjoying watching and learning. You said the lumber is copper treated…I’ve never heard of that. Is it pine or cedar? Of course! CCA.

Lol. I had no idea the C stood for copper. I did think it was a no-no for gardening…especially organic. This is why I appreciate people like you to keep the information flowing. I also bought the ingredients for your tomato planting mixture. Thank you again. D. Creager

I love the color of that plant . Please let us know the name if you are able to find it . I as well will try to I.D. it and will post on here. would love to have one . Great job on the videos BTW. E. F.

Hi Lynn, I’m from IL, and that is a beautiful Coleus plant you have there, and the reason I watched your video is because I want to start growing some Coleus plants for the first time. so thank you for this info. M. R. K. You all are great. Thanks for all the information you give out! N. N.

Thank you for this video. I wondering if I could leave the Mason bee eggs outside over winter and cover the front with 1/2 ” hardware wire to keep the birds from eating the larva? The winters here only get down to around 28 degrees here in SE Texas. T. Green Very educational! P. B.

That was nice. It really comes across that you are excited about your little gals getting out and making your home their home. It will be bee (get it?) nice to see your updates as they move outdoors and get to working! Thanks a lot. H. C. H.

I just wanted to say thank you for this great video. This is the first year I have done seeds in my home and i wasn’t sure if my plants were becoming to leggy but mine look similar to yours. This was a great time to do the update. Thanks so much. T. Kelly

Love your video. D. R. I WATCHED ALOT OF VIDEOS ON TRANSPLATING TO DIRT, YOURS IS THE BEST….you have me as a watcher for sure,,,,,,gave answers all the others did not….thank you so much… Just love your little Gourd people, please do more, would love to see you do turtle one, or how you do it….I collect turtles, ones that make me smile, and yours really made me smile……just so clever…… C. Corrieri

Hello Dear Lynn….I did some cutting on last years growth on my perennials yesterday…oh my, and went to our local nursery Delphinium, Foxglove & hollyhocks..and Gaura…I’m so bad…need to move some iris today…Hugs, Debra in 5. D.R.

One of the best explanations I have come across. Thank you for detailing out some very important strategies of working on this species. The only video where somebody has taken the time to produce very informative content. I shall take these methods back to me home on my planet. Cheers my friend. Love and happiness. W. T.

Very amazing useful idea to recycle and convenient, thanks…Cool guys, very inspiring, love it when u get us to the mood of this beautiful season. Thank u! K. F.

You are very good at explaining things. I keep hearing a bird in the background……….possibly a cockatiel? You love plants and birds. They both bring much joy and interest to life, don’t they? 🙂 U. S.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! W. Judy

I watched you plant peony seeds, I followed your video and so I did the same thing…I live in Canada and the weather has been 60 degrees and hopefully better this weekend. I enjoy your videos. L. W.

Help! I am a very beginner gardener, I didn’t remove last year veggie scraps or wood chips. We have recently tilled them into our garden.. is all hope lost?…Thank you for the advise and Ray of hope! I was hoping the beginning of my gardening days weren’t over already. LOL S. D.

Very informative. Thanks for the video. D. Downunder Thanks so much for the information. Now I know what is building the “mud” tubes on the mason used to build my home. Also nice to know I don’t need to be concerned about being bit. N. W.

Love this! So once again you’ve peaked my curiosity. I just watched a few more videos on this and I would love to try it! Can I ask where you got the houses and the bees? Also, would you leave these out all winter or harvest the cocoons and store them in the fall? 🙂 C. A.

Hi I have only looked at a couple of your videos they are very good. I live in Cairns Australia which if you Google Cairns Australia we are on the Great Barrier Reef. My climate is very tropical. I look forward to viewing more of your videos F. Inglus

Hi, my brother name is Matthew. Me and him LOVE your videos. J. M.

Above video really helped me. Fortunately I was trying to breed mushrooms in Indonesia. In Jokjakarta central Java. Thanks tutorial. C. Pras Just a new sub to your channel and am enjoying it very much, you give me such great ideas. From Wisconsin too. S. Woyczik

Yea! Spring is there! Always love your videos. F. G.

Lynn, I am so surprised to see you planted Burrows tail outside and overwintered it in your Northern winters!!!! WOW! I love burrows tail and did not think in my zone 5b S E Iowa area it could take our winters! You have really impressed me with that. I will have to buy some to plant outside. If I can find it. Thanks to you and Richard for feeding our gardening souls through winter! 🙂 S. Poole

Dear Lynn and Richard thank you so much for the Liatris seeds you sent me got them today they will look so pretty in my area. M. A.

Thank you so much for sharing — I guess I never thought you could do that — but it IS important! Thanks for sharing the ‘how-to’….Lynn. P. P.

Pallets off bagged soil? Man, you are a serious gardener! I like that, very much! I am still saving for my retirement, So clean bags of soil and soilless media are out of my budget. I am forced to go to the Green Bay Yard Waste and pick up compost from their piles and mix my own soil. They’re pretty good about seasoning it, bringing their pile to temperature, though. It takes an extra year to build a nice soil for food plants, but it is all part of the gardening journey. Nice video. Q. E.

Great! I should send this to some friends-LOL S. Shah We’ve got an awesome review by our friends from Wisconsin Garden. R. A. S.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We have exceeded the previous snow limits here in Boston, Ma and I missed the Flower show here in Massachusetts plus we are getting more snow this weekend so this made my evening as I sat sipping tea. V. Solo

These videos give me so much good insight for my garden. I hope we continue to see more. Thank you Lynn and Richard!! O. S.

Can’t help it I keep watching it over and over: Amazing feeling of excitement knowing spring is just around the corner, your video is amazing as well helping us to be in the mood:) thanks guys! K. F.

If you want to come see my channel I’m 13 and if you don’t want to you don’t have too. P. E.

Great video. Good job, Logan. It’s so great for kids to have time with grandparents. We are looking forward to see how his plants progress. S. M.

Great project to do with the kiddies……Logan is a winner! Hope his plants germinate! S. Mandeville

This is so cool sharing one of your passions with Logan. The hands on projects like this will be etched in his memory of this moment like you two have with your dad Lynn and Rick with his grandparents. The relationship you two have with your grandson is wonderful to see. 🙂 W. M.

I agree you can’t get enough plants. Enjoyed your new addition to your plant collection. K. I.

I just subscribed as I found your channel by looking at your tomato planting secrets then looked at your container garden video and I find them all quite fascinating that I seen as my son and I live in a apartment complex growing outdoor stuff on our patio, F. M. I’ve been looking for this recipe for so long. Thanks Lynn! I. F.

So much info. Really appreciate it all. Have plenty of banana peels, but don’t drink coffee. We use tea bags though. I’ve been saving my containers and started my seedlings from the advice you gave last year. The tp rolls really work. I used the containers like you suggested, but mine were from taco salads and pastry. Still watching … thanks. F. O.

Exactly what i was looking for. 🙂 K. Hammer

Heyyy you guys are so cool.. hey do ya still have some leaf that I can get? J. Lee

Love your videos we have no snow in England where I live in Wiltshire so far , but winter is not over yet isn’t it , love your videos. S. Fryer

Nice garden surprise Lynn & Rick! I hear you on some garden products. I have been whining about my cheap garden hose, now, when I am done watering. I am saturated. Investing in a good product is a great idea. W. H.

You guys are awesome! How do we go about getting one signed?! J. Miller

Lynn where did you get those heavy duty extra tall tomato cages….very nice! S. W.

Those look really durable. I’ll be buying my first set of equipment this year and I definitely will go the durable route verses cheap. Just last year I had bought a cheap rake and it the handle broke apart from the rake within minutes. Love the idea of the apron too.. I’m always looking for stuff or the kids pick it up when I have my back turned. R. Koger

Fantastic bunch of garden tools! I know you guys will give them all a true workout. I’m excited to hear a review on the handheld sprinklers. I can’t tell you how many we have purchased over the years. If we are lucky they make it through 1 season. I will go check out their site. Love that they are from WI too! Snookie

Love the turtle bobble head. K. Aragon

I love your guy’s informative shows, and your husband’s sense of humor! I’m in NW Wisconsin near Eau Claire. Going to start our first gardening experience this year at our new home. I’m studying up all I can during winter right now. I haven’t seen anything in your video’s on hydrangea, do you happen to have any at all? Let me know if you do. Rachel Rick is always entertaining! C. Dahl

Lynn & Richard, I started watching your videos about a year ago and really enjoy them… D. G.

On this cold night, I’ve enjoyed catching up with you guys. The busyness of life has kept me away, but now I’m thinking about what spring may bring. God bless you both. I must check out your website too. S. M.

Loved your video….. thank you for all your tips. A. Maya Awesome… I enjoy your channel. R. McKinnis

Is there anything the 2 of you don’t do? The creative mind can do anything! We would love to come to your doodle class, but too far : Sarah M.

Cute video! Thanks for the posting. C. Christenson

Enjoyed your video! P. David You guys are so good people. Good luck everywhere. C. Mire

Great Video, Thanks! After seeing this, and one of your other efforts, I have started putting vermiculite in the water with my avocado seeds. B. Lewis

Lynn your garden is so beautiful, the greenery and daisy ,thank you for share your paradise with us. J. Gonzalez

This is one of my favorite episodes. I love your little spirit dolls. They are very unique individuals. Would you mind if I were to try making my own spirit dolls in the future? I am wanting to try growing some gourds this coming summer and now have an idea of what I would like to do with them -besides birdhouses. Kim H.

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful info on gardening. Evelyn C. My wife like to see your videos for growing green and flower. Thank for the videos. G, Bomba

I live in the Netherlands and am a first time gardener. I had a terrible tomato crop this year due to rain. I will have to cover them with plastic next year. Could you burn the dead tomato plants and use the ash for plant food? What did you do with your green tomatoes? Fry them? Make chutney? L. Casey

Such adorable art projects. I was thinking wow that’s a lot of feathers from your Cockatiel….. So cute you collected & saved her feather over the years……. E. C.

Amazing Forensic study of your garden, I have wanted so much to hear other gardeners winter thoughts. I think winter scapes are fascinating and glad to hear you leave some plants uncut and smart reasons behind that. No other garden Youtube show talk much about tis very important information. i live in Vancouver area so called lotus land ,we use mulch here too for soil improvement and have been out shopping plants perfect time of year to get 70%off T. Sargeant

Oh I wish I could be there right now . Beautiful snow. We are 35C hot in Sydney now . Love your garden and Wisconsin since watching your bids. A. C.

Hello my gardening friends, Lynn and Rick. Just want to tell you how wonderful it is to still see and hear your wonderful videos. Can’t wait till spring when we can once again enjoy Gods beauty and creation as we once again plant and grow. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks and happy New Year. H. Kesler

This was one of your best videos, please show us how you end up trimming your fruit & berries. Again loved every minute of this one, I also live in WI, so I learn a lot from you! M. Two Great paper pot making video. Thanks for sharing. Mr. G. P.

I live in North-West Ohio and our neighborhood is under attack with rabbits…I have fought them for 5 years now but am now doing raised beds with protective wire mesh on the bottom of our boxes. Hope that helps me next growing season. Thanks for your videos. A. T.

Your videos helped me a lot this year, I’m thankful that you provide us with your knowledge, I wish you and all your love ones a very merry Christmas! God bless you all! F. Blanquita

I know this is totally off topic… but… Richard, what camera do you use to video all of these cool YT segments with Lynn? could you recommend a cheap good simple camera? (I’m nearly 70 and on Social Insecurity) Could you two do a video on cameras and shooting tips? How did you get so many viewers and those great angles? J. Peck

Enjoy the interaction between you two. More indoor video please. You still have any indoor avocado plants? E. C. I like you guys. You are fun to watch. Thank you! D. Orman Love this post. Thanks for taking some to kindly educate so many! Ag Literacy Peoria County

How appropriate, a year ago I was looking for videos on how to propagate African violets, and “met” you and Rick. Now I need to divide some of my African violets a year later, and this video appears. Wisconsin Garden rocks!… We have the same watering can! I bought mine about 25 years ago from Kmart for some of my first house plants I had in my bedroom. That is when Kmart ruled the roost. How things change over time. S. M.

Hello. Florida here…grew Zinnias from seed packet, but this year I collected the seeds easily from all the spent, dried flowers, and have about 100 or so seeds to plan this coming spring. QUESTION: My zinnias grew so tall that they mostly fell over and had to be staked high. HOW DO YOU keep your pretty flower erect? Do you use twine, etc? Curious. Thanks for your video. J. Canter
Curious. Thanks for your video. J. Canter

And thousands more……. Just Amazing – THANK YOU ALL!