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Richard & Lynn Voigt – I.M. Education Specialists

We thank you for allowing us to share our joy of gardening with you. You now have exclusive access to over 500 delightful and refreshing garden videos that allow us the opportunity to share our garden tips, tools and techniques with your. By no means are we professional Master Gardeners, we just love to put our hands in the warm earth and watch miracles occur.

As professional teachers, we can’t help ourselves but share what we are doing in our Wisconsin Garden. Over the years our garden has grown into an eclectic habitat filled with a delightful variety of spectacular specimen plants, healthy and tasty vegetables, flowering bushes and trees. One never knows what you’ll see next walking around the garden. So if you do stop and visit, make sure to bring your camera.

In our garden video guide, we’ve included a quick reference “By Topic” along with clickable hotlinks to open on your Smartphone, Tablet, eReader or Computer.

And if you’re not yet a subscriber we invite you to join our expanding worldwide garden family and receive more important fun Garden ideas & updates, new video releases, useful garden tips, tools, and techniques, delicious recipes, and so much more for FREE.

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Richard and Lynn are problem solvers that develop creative strategies that paint dreams, sell ideas, and market messages.  Together, they present a unique team-approach, working side-by-side with each client; utilizing their life-long skills and diverse expertise as inventors, authors, fine artists, and Internet marketing education specialists.

Teaching by example, they focus on proven systems, research and development, trends & technology, domain portfolio acquisitions, video production, self-publishing, and management of over a hundred premium keyword websites on behalf of  RIVO Inc.

They’ve currently created and produced over 600 videos on their (Wisconsin Garden.com) YouTube Channel with a following of nearly 6,200 subscribers from 132 countries who have faithfully viewed their personable garden videos nearly 1,250,000 times.

They have self-published over 50 books on a wide variety of marketing topics (RIVObooks.com), and created thousands of works of fine art, (RIVOart.com) while refining demographic targeted traffic techniques for Internet Marketers.

They now teach several classes at the University of Wisconsin – UWM via the Osher program, as well as, Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC)  Learning In Retirement (LIR) program.  Their class topics include; “How To Self-Publish Your Book For Free,” “Doodle Puzzle Designs,” “Gardening In Wisconsin,” and “Story Plot Writing.”

Their life-long mission is to continually grow, experience, and uncover new strategies, products, and services networking useful solutions for their clients, online & offline entrepreneurs, small business owners, writers, local artists, models, teachers, and students and marketing professionals.

They help everyday people create specific action plans, tasks, and responsibilities that connect the missing pieces of a client’s success puzzle.  The goals they foster create multiple streams of income for today’s volatile economic climate..  Their motto “Do the work once and create a lifetime of passive income streams.”

We invite you to visit our RIVO BOOKS page to view their amazing publications.