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Hi, I’m Lynn from Wisconsin Garden dot com and my husband, Richard, who several years ago wanted to film me as I began to plant my May vegetable garden.   While I reluctantly agreed, I said “Who would want to see me gardening.”  I soon found myself on YouTube sending me questions and supportive comments.  Little did I know this would literally turn into a new full-time adventure.

And although Richard has already filmed and produced over 600 videos, we will soon be producing our 600th Wisconsin Garden Video Blog. 

We felt this was a great way to introduce ourselves to those who have not yet found our Wisconsin Garden Channel and wanted to see what we are really all about.  We like to invite you to join our garden conversation as have thousands of other garden viewers and enthusiasts from around the world.


We’re approaching 1,250,000 viewers and over 6,200 subscribers from 132 countries.  Richard and I invite you to join our garden family.  CLICK HERE to join: Wisconsin Garden YouTube Channel  Bookmark Us and never miss another great WG video blog.



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This is one of those timeless editions that families will want to pass from generation to generation. It’s one of those special collections that helps put a smile on your face, brightens your day, and enlightens your spirit.

We’re truly confident you’ll absolutely love this delightful Garden collection of classic words of wisdom!



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